Lead a healthy,
high-performing team

Choose business consulting that will align your team and unlock their potential

You have the right players.
Now get the right performance.

The best indicator of a team’s success is not the talent of each individual – but how well those individuals work together.

After years of working closely with business leaders, I’ve seen that principle firsthand. I know you have, too.

Don’t settle for a disconnected team when you know alignment is possible.

Expect excellence inside and out

Diagnose what’s holding your team back so you can get them aligned and achieving results.

Engaged employees

Give your team an environment that fosters commitment, motivation, and high achievement.

Effective managers

Enable your managers to make confident decisions when they grow in independence and skill.

Improved results

Teams achieve more success when they collaborate and leverage each other’s strengths.

Unlock your team’s potential


Develop the individuals on your team with a customized plan that addresses roadblocks like miscommunication, incompatibilities, and leadership weaknesses.


Update your business’s executive strategy and recalibrate its culture, habits, and performance.


Equip yourself with the EEOC-approved personality data you need for recruitment, communication, and employee motivation.

Be proud of a productive, collaborative team

Discovery conversation

We’ll talk through your pain points and goals – and I’ll follow up with a customized plan that matches what your team needs.

We do the heavy lifting

Once you’ve approved the plan, LeadTandem takes it from there to meet your team, schedule the services, and execute the plan. I’ll collaborate with you all along the way.

Watch growth

Your team is performing at a higher level now that you’ve given them a common language, greater alignment, and increased chemistry.


I want talented leaders and teams to thrive. That’s why my business consulting works from the inside-out to confront the problems getting in the way. I’ve seen firsthand that it’s possible for underperforming teams to get back on track and stay there.

The fact that you’re interested in business consulting shows you care about your people. You care about their success. You care about their job satisfaction. You care about them maximizing their talents and skills.

So let’s have a conversation and see if we can get you the tools and resources you need to take them where they need to go.

Instead of unmet potential, you’ll get the productivity and effectiveness of a team that’s on the same page – and you’ll be the leader you want to be.

Kevin Johnson